7 Epic Road Trips Around the Maritimes: Campervan Adventures Await!
7 Epic Road Trips Around the Maritimes: Campervan Adventures Await!

7 Epic Road Trips Around the Maritimes: Campervan Adventures Await!

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the scenic wonders of the Maritime provinces in Canada? The Maritimes, comprised of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, offer a treasure trove of natural beauty, historical sites, and charming coastal towns waiting to be explored. And what better way to experience this maritime magic than by hitting the open road in a campervan? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through seven epic road trips around Maritime, complete with key stops, route details, and ideal places to stay with your campervan. So, fasten your seatbelt, fuel up your wanderlust, and let’s get rolling!

1. Cabot Trail – Nova Scotia

Route: Start your journey in the charming town of Baddeck and follow the Cabot Trail loop.

Distance: Approximately 185 miles (298 kilometers)

Highlights: The Cabot Trail, a renowned scenic drive, takes you through the heart of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, offering jaw-dropping vistas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure to stop at Skyline Trail for a breathtaking view, and don’t miss the chance to spot moose and bald eagles. Explore the Acadian culture in Chéticamp and indulge in fresh seafood at one of the local eateries.

Where to Stay: Baddeck Campground, Chéticamp Campground, and Cape Breton Highlands National Park Campgrounds

The Cabot Trail is a must-do road trip for anyone seeking a blend of stunning landscapes and cultural experiences.

2. Fundy Coastal Drive – New Brunswick

Route: Start in Saint John and follow the Fundy Coastal Drive along the Bay of Fundy.

Distance: Approximately 250 miles (402 kilometers)

Highlights: This road trip offers awe-inspiring views of the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. Explore the famous Hopewell Rocks and walk on the ocean floor during low tide. Visit the historic town of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, known for its charming architecture and whale-watching tours. Don’t forget to taste fresh lobster and seafood chowder at local restaurants.

Where to Stay: Fundy National Park Campgrounds, New River Beach Provincial Park Campground, and St. Andrews Campground

The Fundy Coastal Drive will leave you mesmerized by the natural wonders of the Bay of Fundy.

3. Prince Edward Island Loop

Route: Begin your journey in Charlottetown, the capital of Prince Edward Island, and take the Prince Edward Island Loop.

Distance: Approximately 213 miles (343 kilometers)

Highlights: Known as the “Garden of the Gulf,” Prince Edward Island is famous for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture. Explore the birthplace of Anne of Green Gables in Cavendish and enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches, such as Brackley Beach and Cavendish Beach. Taste local delicacies like Malpeque oysters and lobster rolls.

Where to Stay: Prince Edward Island National Park Campgrounds, Charlottetown Campground, and Cavendish Campground

Prince Edward Island’s idyllic landscapes and rich history make it a perfect destination for campervan enthusiasts.

4. The Evangeline Trail – Nova Scotia

Route: Start in Halifax and follow the Evangeline Trail through the Annapolis Valley.

Distance: Approximately 350 miles (563 kilometers)

Highlights: Immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s history and culture on the Evangeline Trail. Visit the Grand-Pré National Historic Site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to learn about the Acadian heritage. Explore the picturesque town of Annapolis Royal and its historic gardens. Don’t forget to sample local wines at the many wineries in the Annapolis Valley.

Where to Stay: Annapolis River Campground, Blomidon Provincial Park Campground, and Upper Clements Cottages & RV Park

The Evangeline Trail offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

5. The Viking Trail – Newfoundland and Labrador

Route: Start in Deer Lake and follow the Viking Trail to L’Anse aux Meadows.

Distance: Approximately 380 miles (612 kilometers)

Highlights: Journey back in time on the Viking Trail, where you’ll discover the only authenticated Norse site in North America. Explore L’Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and imagine life as a Viking. Enjoy scenic coastal views and visit Gros Morne National Park, a geological wonder. Don’t miss the chance to spot icebergs along the coast.

Where to Stay: Gros Morne National Park Campgrounds, L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site Campground, and Pisquid River Campground

The Viking Trail is a unique road trip that transports you to a time of exploration and adventure.

6. Acadian Coastal Drive – New Brunswick

Route: Start in Moncton and follow the Acadian Coastal Drive along the Northumberland Strait.

Distance: Approximately 590 miles (949 kilometers)

Highlights: This road trip takes you through the heart of Acadia, known for its rich Acadian culture and warm hospitality. Explore the charming towns of Shediac, Bouctouche, and Caraquet, where you can savor authentic Acadian cuisine. Relax on the beautiful beaches of Parlee Beach Provincial Park and Kouchibouguac National Park.

Where to Stay: Kouchibouguac National Park Campgrounds, Shediac Camping, and Caraquet Camping

The Acadian Coastal Drive promises a cultural and culinary adventure like no other.

7. Eastern Shore – Nova Scotia

Route: Begin your journey in Halifax and follow the scenic Eastern Shore.

Distance: Approximately 290 miles (467 kilometers)

Highlights: Explore Nova Scotia’s rugged coastline and pristine beaches along the Eastern Shore. Visit Taylor Head Provincial Park for hiking and birdwatching. Discover the historic village of Sherbrooke and its charming waterfront. Don’t forget to try the local smoked fish and seafood.

Where to Stay: Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park Campground, Porters Lake Provincial Park Campground, and Murphy’s Camping on the Ocean

The Eastern Shore road trip is a tranquil escape into Nova Scotia’s natural beauty and coastal heritage.

Pack Your Bags and Hit the Road!

Maritime Canada offers an incredible array of road trip experiences for campervan enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the dramatic coastal landscapes, rich history, or delectable cuisine, the Maritimes have something for everyone. So, pack your bags, fuel up your campervan, and embark on these epic road trips to create lasting memories in one of Canada’s most captivating regions.

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Each road trip offers a unique blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. So, go ahead and plan your itinerary, but leave room for spontaneous detours and unexpected discoveries. After all, that’s the essence of a true road trip.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on seven epic road trips around Maritime, it’s time to hit the road and experience the magic for yourself. Whether you’re camping in the Cape Breton Highlands or exploring the Acadian culture of New Brunswick, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits, and the open road is calling your name!

Bon voyage, fellow road tripper! May your campervan adventures in Maritime be filled with scenic wonders, cultural delights, and cherished memories.

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Remember, every road trip is a unique experience, so make the most of your journey. Happy travels!