Hitting the Road: 10 Stops on the Hippy Trail in a Campervan
Hitting the Road: 10 Stops on the Hippy Trail in a Campervan

Hitting the Road: 10 Stops on the Hippy Trail in a Campervan

Discover the Ultimate Road Trip Adventure Along the Hippy Trail in Your Campervan

Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines the freedom of the open road with a touch of nostalgia for the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 70s? If so, then it’s time to dust off your campervan, pack your bags, and follow the iconic Hippy Trail. This unforgettable road trip will take you through diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and historic sites, all while reliving the spirit of the free-spirited hippies who once roamed these very same routes.

What is the Hippy Trail?

The Hippy Trail is a legendary overland route that gained popularity in the 1960s and 70s. It was a journey of self-discovery and adventure that attracted free-thinking individuals seeking an alternative way of life. Starting in Europe, travelers would wind their way through Asia, finally reaching the mystical shores of India and Nepal.

Today, the Hippy Trail is not just a historical relic but a captivating road trip that invites you to explore diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and soak up the spirit of adventure. To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to 10 key stops along the Hippy Trail, complete with route details and suggestions for camper van-friendly places to stay.

1. Istanbul, Turkey

Route: Start your Hippy Trail adventure in the enchanting city of Istanbul, Turkey. From here, head east towards the Turkish-Iranian border.

Why Visit: Istanbul serves as a captivating entry point to your journey. Explore the historic Sultanahmet district, marvel at the Hagia Sophia, and take a boat ride on the Bosphorus Strait. Stock up on supplies, as you’ll be entering less developed areas soon.

Camper Van Stay: Camp out in Istanbul’s outskirts or opt for a cozy campsite like the Istanbul Aydos Orman Kampi, which offers excellent facilities for campervans.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

Route: After Istanbul, make your way south-east to the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia.

Why Visit: Cappadocia is famed for its surreal landscapes, characterized by towering fairy chimneys and cave dwellings. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise for a truly magical experience.

Camper Van Stay: There are many campgrounds around Cappadocia, such as the Arch Palace Campground, where you can park your camper van and enjoy the scenic views.

3. Tehran, Iran

Route: Cross the border into Iran and head to the bustling capital city of Tehran.

Why Visit: Tehran offers a unique blend of history and modernity. Explore the Golestan Palace, visit bustling bazaars, and savor delicious Persian cuisine.

Camper Van Stay: Look for secure parking areas around the city or seek out designated campgrounds. Camping Iran is a popular option, offering facilities for campervans.

4. Isfahan, Iran

Route: From Tehran, drive south to the mesmerizing city of Isfahan.

Why Visit: Isfahan is a treasure trove of Persian architecture, with its stunning Imam Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and the iconic Khaju Bridge.

Camper Van Stay: Campervan parking can be found near the city center, and some campgrounds like Isfahan Tourist Farm offer essential amenities.

5. Persepolis, Iran

Route: Continue your journey south to the ancient city of Persepolis.

Why Visit: Persepolis is an archaeological wonder, boasting the ruins of an ancient Persian capital. Wander through the majestic columns and imagine the grandeur of a bygone era.

Camper Van Stay: Limited camping facilities are available in the vicinity, so consider staying at a nearby hotel or guesthouse with secure parking.

6. Yazd, Iran

Route: Head southeast to Yazd, a city renowned for its historic architecture and desert surroundings.

Why Visit: Yazd’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its wind towers and labyrinthine streets. Don’t forget to visit the stunning Jameh Mosque.

Camper Van Stay: Yazd offers several camper-friendly spots, including the Dakhmeh Camping Site, which provides essential facilities for travelers.

7. Shiraz, Iran

Route: Continue your journey to Shiraz, a city famous for its rich cultural heritage and gardens.

Why Visit: Explore the tranquil Eram Garden, visit the tomb of the great Persian poet Hafez, and admire the dazzling Nasir al-Mulk Mosque.

Camper Van Stay: Seek out designated parking areas or campgrounds near the city center. Shiraz Camping and Caravanserai is a convenient choice.

8. Bam, Iran

Route: Drive southeast to the ancient city of Bam.

Why Visit: While Bam is still in the process of recovery from a devastating earthquake, its UNESCO-listed Bam Citadel remains an impressive sight, a testament to Iran’s rich history.

Camper Van Stay: Camping options are limited here, so consider staying in nearby Kerman, where you can find campgrounds like Ganj Ali Khan Camping.

9. Quetta, Pakistan

Route: Head east towards the Pakistan border and reach Quetta, the provincial capital of Baluchistan.

Why Visit: Quetta offers a glimpse into the rugged landscapes of western Pakistan. Visit Hanna Lake and explore the nearby Urak Valley.

Camper Van Stay: Look for safe parking areas or consider camping in the scenic surroundings outside Quetta.

10. Pushkar, India

Route: After crossing the Pakistan-India border, head southeast to the charming town of Pushkar.

Why Visit: Pushkar is famous for its serene lakes, the vibrant Pushkar Camel Fair, and the Brahma Temple. It’s a great place to unwind and reflect on your journey.

Camper Van Stay: Pushkar has several campgrounds and RV parks, like the Green Park Resort & Campground, offering amenities for campervan travelers.


Embarking on the Hippy Trail in a campervan is not just a road trip; it’s a journey through time and culture. These 10 stops along the trail offer a glimpse into the diverse and captivating landscapes, history, and traditions of the regions you’ll traverse. So, pack your bags, fuel up your campervan, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure following in the footsteps of the free-spirited hippies who once roamed these same routes. The Hippy Trail awaits, ready to transport you to a world of discovery and freedom on the open road.